$300.  Digital copies of approximately 40 unretouched images and you can select 5 images for retouching.  I'll shoot approximately a half hour.  Additional image selects at $20 image.

$500. The price includes digital copies of approximately 100 unretouched images and you can select 10 images for retouching.  I'll shoot approximately an hour and a half. Additional image selects at $10 image.

If you want to add a friend or family portraits to the shoot I can quote a price. 

Why is this is a great deal?  You will get a lot of images to remember your senior year by.  There is a trend towards natural images for instagram, and you can also select which images I retouch for yearbook and prints.  Let's shoot!  

For questions/bookings send me an email at jeff@imagepdx.com or text me at 503.867.2999.  Thanks, Jeff. 

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